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Sunday, 20 February 2011

I love it, I do...

I Love my student room. Honestly. I got really lucky. I pay basically nothing for it, and what did I land myself with? A giant attic room with stairs, giant beams and so much closet space...every girls dream.

Here's a little nosey into my favourite things in my haven...

 I have A LOT of jewelery...so much so, that I had to use my cake stand. I think it's lovely though, don't you? Not only is it easy to find my rings and earrings but they get to be on display, and look all shiny and pretty! As you can see, I'm a bit mad for pearls. If you're wondering what that giant leopard print thing is...well, it's an Accessorize bathbomb that I can't bare to use, so it likes to sit there and look mice.
 I was lucky to get treated to a bit of Chanel, and now it's all gone, I still like to display it...I mean, it's Chanel, and well, I'm a student. That's my favourite book too, What Would Audrey Do?. I love it. I have quite a lot of candles in my room too...I like to think it's nice and relaxing when I'm attempting to write hundreds of essays. I got that small candle holder from a charity shop, 6 for 50p. Bargain.
 This is a bit random. I have so much storage but I still like to create more. I'm a fan of prints. Not just on my clothes but all around my flat. Oops.
 This is one of my favourite parts of my room. I have too many handbags. Actually, not too many, I think I should have been given an extra wardrobe. Behind that lovely Chinese Umbrella thing, is a giant box full of handbags. That's full. Therefore, I have now resorted to putting some nails into my beams, and hanging my bags from there.
 Another floral obsession. I love this cushion. It was from Primark. Seriously, you wouldn't think would you?
 These wall stickers are lovely. They cost a simple pound, and from....Home Bargains, shhhh!
 This was a lovely Christmas present. It's a heart shaped candle holder that hangs from my main beam. It's so pretty.
 More jewelery. I also hang a lot of necklaces from my beams...you occasionally have to duck to get through. There was also a reasonable sized gap that I like to put my belts through. Handy.
 Another cushion. I'm a big fan. This too was from Primark. It has a crown on the back which I don't really like, so I never turn it around.
 I have about seven posters in my room...mainly relating to Audrey Hepburn or Paris. Typical girl. I love this one this. It's so sweet. It's above my bed.
            This poster is actually HUGE. It was a nightmare to put up. It's on my main wall. I love Paris.

                   Hope you enjoyed a nosey around:) x